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Jared Varner

Episode #73 – Let It Go… Wait… Wrong One

Lots of good movies! Frozen 2, Knives Out, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, and The Irishman were all reviewed this week.

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Episode #72 – Ford v Ferrari and Charlie’s Angels; who won?

Ford v Ferrari and Charlie’s Angels went at it this week in a race to the finish line. Who won? The guys let you know.

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Episode #71 – Can Midway Bring Dr Sleep?

Several movies were reviewed this week including Midway and Dr Sleep. plus, as always, fun news!

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Episode #70 – Terminator Dark Fate goes against Harriet and Jojo Rabbit

Terminator Dark Fate, Jojo Rabbit, Harriet, and The Shining are all reviewed today!

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Episode #69 – Hehehehe…. Plus the Lighthouse, Anna and Countdown

Anna, The Lighthouse, and Countdown get reviewed as well as all the fun news.

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