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Jared Varner

Rocketman Takes on Godzilla!

Godzilla, Rocketman and When They See Us all get the weekly review. Plus fun news as always!

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Episode #49 – Can Aladdin Have More Booksmarts Than Brightburn?

Aladdin, Brightburn and Booksmart are reviewed. But the guys also talk Star Trek, MCU, and Kingsman.

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Episode #48 – John Wick Lives!

John Wick 3 is the only move that mattered this week. Plus the guys talk Aladdin, Batman, and Star Wars!

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Game Of Thrones Noodle Style Episode 6

This is it! Final episode of the final season of Game of Thrones. How did it go out? Did it do the series justice, or are we left disappointed in the end? The guys give their thoughts.

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Episode #47 – Can Detective Pikachu Find Tolkien in The Hustle?

Detective Pikachu, Tolkein, and The Hustle are on today’s list. Did they make the cut for the guys?

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