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Episode #70 – Terminator Dark Fate goes against Harriet and Jojo Rabbit

Terminator Dark Fate, Jojo Rabbit, Harriet, and The Shining are all reviewed today!

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Episode #69 – Hehehehe…. Plus the Lighthouse, Anna and Countdown

Anna, The Lighthouse, and Countdown get reviewed as well as all the fun news.

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Episode #68 – Zombieland 2 Double Tap Faces Off With Maleficent, Mistress of Evil

Zombieland 2 comes out after 10 years. Maleficent 2 comes out after 5 years, or something like that. Plus you know, news.

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Episode #67 – Gemini Man Takes a Ride With El Camino

El Camino shows up on Netflix with a limited theater release. Gemini Man takes on the movie norm with 60-120 FPS. Which will shine out?

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Episode #66 – One Movie: Joker. Did it Disappoint?

Joker is finally out. Jason has always had his reservations. What did the guys think not that is actually among us?

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