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Episode #86 – Spenser Confidential With Old School The Quiet Place

With everything closing down, the guys are stuck with streaming. They take on Spenser Confidential and The Quiet Place. Plus, they talk about what is good to binge on streaming services.

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Episode #85 – The Hunt is on With Bloodshot

Theaters are closing everywhere! But, Jared saw Bloodshot and the The Hunt before the lock down.

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Episode #84 – Is Onward the Way Back?

The guys were able to check out Onward, The Way Back and Deathwish (2018). Plus a few news points.

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Episode #83 – The Invisible Man is Exposed

The guys saw The Invisible Man and Jared was on Amazon Prime with Braven.

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Episode #82 – What’s the Deal With Video Game Movies?

The guys determine if the idea of a best video game movie is an oxymoron and where does Sonic fall in the list.

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