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Special Edition #4 – Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker

SPOILERS EVERYWHERE!!! The guys talk Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker and they leave no stone unturned. What does that mean to you? SPOILERS EVERYWHERE!!!!

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Game Of Thrones Noodle Style Episode 6

This is it! Final episode of the final season of Game of Thrones. How did it go out? Did it do the series justice, or are we left disappointed in the end? The guys give their thoughts.

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Game of Thrones Noodle Style Episode 5

Well, the final battle is upon us. Dany vs Cersei. Who will win?! We talk all the happenings, and just as importantly, our thoughts on everything. Does the show redeem itself? Only time will tell….

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Game of Thrones Noodle Style Episode 4

Past the half way point! Jason and Bryan take you through Episode 4 of Game of Thrones. Now that winter isn’t coming, how will they handle Cersei? Who will end up on the throne? So many questions and not that long until it all comes to an end!

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Special Edition #3 – Avengers Endgame Spoliers

This is it! The movie we all have all been waiting for for 10 years. 21 movies in the making. The culmination of everything. The… endgame if you will. Jared, Jason and Bryan share with you all their thoughts about this epic movie. And yes, there are spoilers. Lots of them. Just accept it.

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