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Game of Thrones Noodle Style Episode 3

Episode 3 is upon us! This is CRAZY!! The White Walkers have come to Winterfell and everyone is nervous. Including Bryan, Jason, and Jared. They discuss their thoughts. Was it too dark? Anti-climatic? Great decisions, or did they mess the whole thing up? See what they guys think!

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Game of Thrones Noodle-style Episode 1

Game of Thrones is upon us!!! The guys talk about the first episode, “Winterfell.” They talk about all the intricate things that take place, who meets who, and what could it all mean. Welcome to the Game of Thrones!!!!

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Special Edition #2 – Captain Marvel Spoilers

Spoilers for Captain Marvel. All day long.

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Special Edition #1 – Glass Spoilers!!

SPECIAL EDITION!!!! We are talking Glass spoilers. What did the guys really think? Each one came up with a different opinion of the movie. See why each one felt the way they did. If you don’t want a spoiler, RUN AWAY!!!!

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