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Episode #56 – Can the Lion King Remake Hold Pride Rock?

This week was San Diego Comic Con, and it WAS HUGE! So much came in regards to Marvel. The guys talk all through it. Plus, Lino King live action came out this week and all 3 had a chance to check it out.

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Episode #55 – Alligators Crawl While Stuber Rides Into Theaters

The guys saw Crawl and Stuber this week. And as always, some news for you to latch onto.

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Episode #54 – Spider-Man is Far From Home Yesterday during Midsommar

Yesterday, Midsommar, and Spider-Man Far From Home are all reviewed, with some fun bits of news.

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Episode #53 – Does Child’s Play Take Out Toy Story 4?

Child’s Play, Toy Story 4 and Murder Mystery are all discussed. Plus the guys talk their take on the beginning of the year and what is coming out that is exciting.

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Episode #52 – The Dead Don’t Die with Men in Black: International

Men in Black International and the Dead Don’t Die combined with all the news you know and love.

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